27-29 September, 2017 | Rotterdam

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The infrastructure reality: Revamping living, breathing harbours - an interview with the Port of Tallinn

The main problem with ports infrastructure development is the fact that it happens in a port, a hub of perpetual motion.
While upgrading facilities is a logical motive in a commercial environment that has to accommodate larger volumes of both passenger and cargo throughput, the reality of infrastructural change is far from straightforward.

In this interview, we speak with Hele-Mai Metsal, Head of Development Department, Port of Tallinn, who is spearheading this kind of change at one of the largest port enterprises on the Baltic Sea, and seeing where she has seen success and failure along the way.

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Ports of Import: European Seaports Making Waves [Infographic]

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the world shipping fleet grew by 3.5 per cent to carry 1.75 billion deadweight tonnage (DWT) of cargo in 2015. As ships get bigger and international trade increases, ports are having to expand to accommodate increasing volumes of goods passing through their jurisdictions.

In this infographic, we focus on eight European ports that are undergoing the renovations and upgrades needed to keep ahead of the game in the maritime trade sector.


Increasing vessel size, ageing infrastructure, commercial demands and climate change are all factors that are influencing the ways global ports are evolving in the present day.

For ports to continue to function and grow in an increasingly competitive industry: they must become innovative, agile and flexible. Smart infrastructure and automation are becoming vital constituents of any plan to future-proof against the coming decades of change.

Take a look at the results of our survey taken by 100s of those working across the sector. It is a very interesting read.

Port Infrastructure Development Sample Attendee List

Take a look at sample attendee list at the types of attendees we get at the Port Infrastructure Development Summit.  


Green, Greener, Greenest – Port Expansion & Relocation [ANALYSIS]

Ahead of the Port Infrastructure Development event, Oil & Gas IQ spoke with Clon Ulrick, Associate Director at Arup, about green ports, port expansion and port relocation. 


Out with the old to ring in the new? Seven issues underlying the port infrastructure debate.

In the following analysis, we speak to Nigel Nixon, a veteran with three decades experience in major marine projects about the 7 major considerations to take into account when deciding whether to revamp the established or roll out the new.

Download your free copy now.

Port Infrastructure Development 2016 - Survey Report

In 2016 surveyed 1000 Port Directors, Chief Engineers and Commercial Managers!

They answered questions on the challenges and developments surrounding infrastructure development for European and international port construction and maintenance projects in the current market.  Take a look at what they said and how that compares to your knowledge today.
Download your free copy of the survey report and see their answers:


Five Port Expansion Projects that are Changing the Marine World

The world’s seaports - from the North Atlantic to Asia Pacific - are undergoing prodigious expansion and relocation to accommodate the influx of added freight traffic and tonnage, as well as berth the latest generation of super container ships. In the following piece, we take a look at some of the facts and figure behind five of Europe’s most important port upgrades.


Facilitating Growth and Development in the Pilbara Region through Strategic Planning

This presentation by Rochelle MacDonald, Director of Strategy and Development at Dampier Port Authority, provides specialised insight into coastal developments in the Pilbara Region. It focuses on location, availability, and capacity of logistic chain networks. Learn more about trade growths and how they influence developments in the region!

King Abdullah Port: Construction and Development

Download the presentation by Cliff Brand, Marine Director, Ports Development Company, King Abdulla Port, KSA, to learn how ports at Red Sea were developed using the latest construction techniques and the extensive use of suction cutter dredgers.

Adaptive Masterplanning by Martin Oosting, Port Developer, Port of Rotterdam

Take an exclusive look at one of the presentations from last year.