Future proofing port infrastructure through development, adaptation and rehabilitation

Ports and Waterways are being forced to adapt their infrastructure if they wish to grow their business and remain competitive. Increasing vessel size, climate change and existing structures moving beyond their intended design life are just some of the factors driving this at the moment.

Failure to adapt, maintain or rehabilitate structures could result in operational challenges, bottle necks or even worse, losing business.

Larger vessels bring with them new levels of congestion and activity that requires more land and higher automation. Mega-ships have mega dimensions, creating the need to increase depth, replace locks and bridges as well as other infrastructure fixes like extending and strengthening quays and cranes.

Ultimately, for Ports to remain ahead and continue to grow in a competitive industry they must become innovative, agile and flexible to ensure they future proof their port against all potential impacts.

Returning for the 3rd year, Port Infrastructure has established itself as the must-attend annual forum dedictaed to developing the next generation of ports and waterways.

Covering expansion, adaptation and rehabilitation,  the main focus will be on innovation, smart ports, cost reduction and effriciency. This year’s conference topics include:

  • Attracting investment by understanding growth areas through expansion, reconstruction and adaptation
  • Utilising appropriate repair intervention, rehabilitation and spatial planning techniques to adapt existing infrastructure and increase the life of assets
  • Smart infrastructure, port automation and digitalisation techniques that improve port efficiency and productivity
  • Exploring latest materials and technologies that will meet durability and corrosion control requirements
  • Leveraging complex project management software to improve communication and collaboration across the entire project team
  • Understanding methods for optimising existing assets through strategic asset management and proactive maintenance
  • Future proofing port infrastructure through adaptation, flexibility and multi-purpose designs

Why should you attend?

This is the only event in Europe to address a 360 degree perspective of the port and waterway development from financing, design and execution. Learn about the most ambitious European and World Port construction and maintenance projects, meet chief engineers to understand the key aspects of implementing innovative design and technical features and hear from port directors about commercial management tactics.

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