27-29 September, 2017 | Rotterdam

Do You Qualify?

This event is designed for the following industry sectors:

•    Ports and Port Authorities
•    Terminal Operators
•    Consulting Engineers
•    Construction Contractors
•    Oil & Gas Companies
•    Solution and Service Providers
•    Product Suppliers and Manufacturers
•    Government Authorities
•    Regulators

Attracting key industry professionals within the following job titles:

•    Head of Planning and Infrastructure Development
•    Head of Masterplanning
•    Head of Environment
•    Head of Engineering Department
•    Head of Maritime Civil Engineering
•    Head of Construction
•    Area Manager
•    Head of Stakeholder Management
•    Head of Marine
•    Project Engineer
•    Head of Coastal/Harbour/Ports/Maritime/
•    Head of Terminal Operations
•    Head of Cruise Development / Operations

Still not sure if Port Infrastructure Development is for you?

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